Lighting Solutions

Lighting Background 2

Synex Lighting is the trading arm of the group offering lighting for indoor . outdoor and industrial purposes. With extensive experience in the lighting business Synex Lighting offers some of the best cost effective lighting solutions that would suit best the for desired premises of the customer. With capabilities to Design, supply and install lighting, Synex Lighting is a reliable light fittings supplier.

Indoor lights

  1. Down light 
  2. Panel Light 
  3. Spot Light 
  4. Track Light
  5. Wall Light
  6. Ceiling Light
  7. LED Stripes 
  8. Bulbs

Outdoor lights

  1. Flood Lamps
  2. Street Lights
  3. Garden Lights
  4. Buried Lights 
  5. Under water Lights 
  6. Lawn Lamp 
  7. Landscape Lights
  8. Wall Lights
  9. LED Stripes

Industrial lights

  1. Tube lights
  2. Downlights
  3. Panel Lights
  4. High bay & low bay Lights
  5. Compact Lights 
  6. Exit Lights
  7. Emergency Lights
  8. Canopy Lights
  9. Explosion proof Lights
  10. Bulbs 
  11. Accessories